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Ants are common pests across the nation. Despite being small, their presence will be unsettling. While there are 12,000 identified species, experts believe there could be 14,000 in total. Ants can be identified quickly because they have narrow waists and elbowed antennas. Unfortunately, ants are not easy to deal with. They cooperate as a team when searching for food, building nests, and serving the queen. Working with a professional exterminator is the best way to fix the problem.

Reasons Ants Are In Your Home

Ant colonies typically build underground nests outside. A colony can support thousands of ants. Ants want to be outside, but they will enter residential and commercial structures to access food. Ants are determined pests that won’t give up easily. If they can’t find small gaps around your doors and windows, they’ll look elsewhere. They won’t stop until they sneak into your home.

Ant Dangers

Thankfully, ants in our city are not dangerous. They can contaminate your food products, but the contaminated food won’t make you sick. The biggest concern is that the ants are going to become a major nuisance for you and your loved ones.

Getting Rid Of These Pests

Ants tend to be difficult to eliminate because they have hundreds of interlinked nests. Each nest must be treated effectively to get rid of the colony. Missing a nest means the infestation will continue. We’re proud to provide locals with a high-quality small ant program. Call us to learn what we’ll do to remove the ants from your home or office.

Eliminating Ants with DIY Methods

Certain do-it-yourself methods can indeed eliminate ants. However, using these products effectively won’t be easy. When using DIY methods, there are too many variables that could go wrong. If you miss an ant here or there, the infestation will remain, and the problem will worsen again.

When Can Someone Arrive?

We’re waiting for your call. Call our office and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

The Safest Treatments Possible

We provide the safest ant treatments possible. Our technicians use the latest and safest ant treatments to guarantee satisfactory and safe results. They use products recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency so you’re going to be protected to the fullest.

Preventing Future Ant Invasions

Preventing future ant invasions won’t be easy. Properly clean your kitchen and store your food products in tough containers with durable lids. Block any gaps you find around your exterior walls to keep these pests out.

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