Steam Treatment

There are several ways for homeowners to treat a bed bug problem these days. Now, this doesn’t

mean all these treatments will be effective in all situations. However, as a professional pest management firm, we truly believe that one of the better options is steam treatment. This is a treatment quickly making its name on the mainstream, but it’s proven its worth to us.

Therefore, we would like to take the time to explain to our Petersburg customers why it just makes sense to treat bed bug infestations with steam. With extermination costs rising and bed bug infestations increasing, there has never been a bigger need for a new, innovative treatment. And we whole-heartedly believe the answer to this conundrum is the steam treatment. Of course, that isn’t everything you need to know. There’s more to this treatment than meets the eye and that’s what you are going to learn about.

How Exactly Steam Kills Bed Bugs

To start, you need to understand exactly how steam kills these bugs. This is beside the point, but steam is not only an effective killer of bed bugs. It’ll also successfully eradicate most creepy crawlers found in homes. This is important because it means that steam also effectively kills bed bugs in all stages of life. Steam is effective enough to eradicate these crawlers during all stages of life.

We use a machine that takes water and compresses it into a high-pressure/high heat. It compresses the water into a steam temperature that is hot enough to kill these invaders on contact. It does this by essentially liquefying the bug’s insides. With that being said, one should never mistake the clothes steamer for a commercial bed bug steamer. The machines are just not the same. Similar in theory, but one doesn’t produce hot enough heat to effectively kill these invaders.

An Eco-Friendly Option

There are several reasons that we are huge advocators for steam treatments. Above all else, it is probably the fact that the treatment is so eco-friendly. It is essentially nothing more than water, making it one of the safest options available today. Because the treatment doesn’t utilize any type of chemicals, residents can immediately return home.

In addition to this, you also must consider the fact that steam is a vapor. Because it is a vapor, it can penetrate behind and into surfaces where traditional chemicals can’t. There honestly isn’t any place steam can’t reach. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean spraying steam in potentially infested areas is the way to go. This technique is wrong and could only potentially further spread the infestation.

There is much more to the steam treatment than meets the eye. Therefore, it’s a process better left for our professionals. We have individuals specifically trained with these machines standing by at our Petersburg office, ready to go at your beck and call. All you must do is give us a call and set up a visit. Be sure to take advantage of one of our free in-home consultations.

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