Mosquitoes have become a rampant problem in Petersburg. They’ve always been a hassle with their stinging and biting that leads to itching. They have always carried and transmitted diseases. However, with all the potentially deadly diseases today, the mosquito has easily grown to become one of the most feared insects. Passing on bacteria and disease through blood transfusion, the mosquito can infect an unsuspecting host in just a matter of seconds. While there are some people these flying nuisances stay away from, it seems there are others who can’t catch a break. Either way, you want to do whatever possible to avoid getting gnawed to death.

Eliminating your risk of the mosquito entirely would only be possible in an ideal world. Since Petersburg is far from perfect, you’ll just have to settle with mitigating your risks. Doing this starts with learning as much as you possibly can about the flying parasite. This is something that our highly adept team will be more than glad to help you with. We’ll not only help you remove this troublesome flyer from your property. We’ll also help you employ preventive measures to keep the pest from returning.

With this in mind, there are several ways that one can go about treating a mosquito problem. Some aren’t as effective as others, and this is exactly what our trained technician will be trying to uncover during the first visit. When you call our offices and set up an appointment, the first thing we will do is dispatch a tech or assessor. During this visit, the assessor will be evaluating the property, trying to determine where the problem lies and the best ways to go about treating them.

This will just be the first visit, while the second visit will consist of the actual administration of treatments. The third time you see our techs, which will likely be 30 days after the treatment, will be the final follow-up visit. It will be during this visit that we go back over the property just to ensure that we have cleared up all your problems. If we believe in anything, it is being thorough and getting the problem handled the first time around. This is just one of the many things that make us a premier pest provider of the Petersburg area.

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