What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsThere is no other way to look at it, bed bugs are one of the most frustrating insects in Petersburg, VA. They invade your property and take up residence in one of the most scared rooms in the home. What’s even worse, they go out of their way to avoid detection. Most people wouldn’t even know their properties had been invaded if their bodies didn’t react to the bites. Trying to find scents to effectively repel these unwanted invaders makes matters worse. While there are a handful of essential oils to choose from, most of the effects are limited at best.

There have been a variety of studies conducted over the years regarding the effectiveness of specific essential oils as bed bugs repellents. The theory was so highly regarded at one time the United States Department of Agriculture got in on the action. All that being said, it takes understanding these scents on a chemical level to understand why some are effective repellents and some aren’t.

While not an essential oil, the nymph pheromone would be the perfect example of this. Because they have proven so effective, many repellent manufacturers have started replicating these pheromones to repel bed bugs. These pheromones are secreted by the nymph bugbug for the very purpose of deterring adult male bed bugs. The adult male bed bug is a rampant breeder. When in heat, he will breed with anything in sight, including the nymph bed bug.

Unfortunately, the breeding ritual can be deadly for the nymph, hence the secretion of this pheromone. When the nymph secretes this pheromone, it deters the male because they have a natural dislike for it. With that in mind, this pheromone is only effective against adult males. It will offer no effect on females or other stages of the bedbugs.

You can now see why it so important to understand the chemical properties of specific scents and why they are or aren’t effective repellents. It has also been discovered that blood orange oil, paraffin oil, and spearmint oil are some of the more effective essentials oils available. However, their effectiveness is limited at best. Therefore, it is best not to design your whole repelling campaign around essential oils. For the best possible results take advantage of a variety of methods, including our Petersburg, VA pest management services.

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