How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Despite the recent reappearance of bed bugs throughout the United States, there is still a lot of unknowns surrounding these bugs. Not only this, but these witty invaders have completely adapted and evolved from what they once were. Over the years of being chased and hunted, these creepy crawlers have learned to master several strategies, including the ability to hide in plain sight. They’ve honed their concealment skills to the point where they can remain on a property for months without being detected. You likely won’t even know your home if infested if it hasn’t already been brought to your attention. This is the case for most homeowners, which means by the time they discover the infestation, it is full-blown. It’s always best to be ready to identify an infestation. Along with this, it doesn’t hurt to have preventive measures in place. You’ll be even better off if you know how to force the bugs out of hiding.

Forcing The Bugs Out Of Hiding!

The good news is you can force these bedbugs out of hiding. Although they want to remain hidden, you can trick them out. However, the trick is not to further spread the infestation while doing this. This is always where most homeowners go wrong. With just a bit of information and the right approach, you shouldn’t have a problem luring these bugs out of their favorite hiding spots. Here’s how you’ll want to start:
  1. You’ll want to begin your journey when these bedbugs aren’t active. You do not want to be placing traps and scurrying about while these bugs are out in the open. This will only alert them that something amiss. When these bugs are out and about, they expect you to be sleeping. This means you’ll want to start the process when the bugs are asleep. This should be the opposite of your sleeping arrangements.
  2. When you know the time of day or night to get started, you’ll want to begin in the bedroom. You’ll start by moving furniture a few feet away from any walls. The theory behind this is you’ll be able to dictate how the bugs travel to access the mattress. With that in mind, this will only work for the bugs that haven’t already taken up residence in the mattress. There are other methods for these troublesome crawlers.
  3. With the furniture relocated, you’ll now be able to place traps near the feet of the bed and corresponding furniture pieces. There will be a variety of traps to choose from. If you want to keep it as basic as possible, you can go with the dish device. This is a device shaped like a dish that traps the bugs inside as they pass through.
  4. Other devices available are heat, CO2, and combination lures. These devices work similarly. The only real difference is they emit CO2 or heat to attract the bugs. The combination devices emit a mixture of the two. In addition to this, some of today’s most advanced lures utilize adhesive paper as opposed to the dish design. This just reinforces the concealment of the bugs.

Always Utilize The Pest Management Pro

As you can see, these troublesome bugs have evolved to the point where they will do whatever is necessary to avoid detection. With the all-new evolved bed bug, you won’t just be able to deploy one or two traps and call it a day. Today the bed bug is wittier than ever, and capture and elimination will require the utilization of various approaches and tools. With that in mind, there is no better tool available than our exterminators. Our qualified pest management professionals have experience in these matters. We already have approaches in mind as to how to tackle your specific problem. Never underestimate what a qualified professional brings to the table. With our open-office policy, you can feel free to give our Petersburg, VA office a call day or night. We always have people available, ready to go above and beyond for you.

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