Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs are just one type of pest that has seen a resurgence over the past decade or so. There have been several species of insects making a big comeback. More home infestation cases have been reported since the early 90s. However, while this might be the case, it seems the bed bug is the one pest that is getting the most attention. This is likely because of its aggressive parasitic behavior. The bed bug has always been an interesting pest, but it seems it’s taken the evolutionary chart to all-new levels now. Wiser, wittier, and more resilient to chemicals and pesticides, the bug has become one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. Combine this with the fact that they hide in the shadows and only come out to feed when you are sleeping, and it is almost easy to see why it takes a professional just to determine if your home is infested. Of course, hiring a professional to confirm your suspicions and then hiring them again to eliminate the problem just seems counterproductive. With the right information, you shouldn’t have a problem detecting bed bugs on your own. It honestly just comes down to a matter of knowing where and how to look.

Box Springs And Mattresses

Does it really surprise you, a pest with a name like the bed bug chooses to hide in mattresses and box springs? The big kicker here is, most people just expect to see them lying on top of the mattress. Sure, you might find some of the pests on the surface of your mattress. But most of them will get into the corners, under the stitches, and behind the tags. These are the places you’ll want to look and scour with the vacuum cleaner.

Cracks And Crevices Of The Bed Frame

Wooden bed frames are notorious for cracking. While this does add to their natural beauty, it does also create effective hiding spots for the bed bug. Taking a vacuum cleaner hose and sucking out these areas should pull the bugs out. In addition to checking the cracks, you’ll want to check the gaps and connections where the side rails meet the headboards and footboards. Anywhere there is a gap or opening in the frame, it creates a potential hiding spot for the bed bug.


Bed bugs will even hide in your sheets. There is one major advantage to an infestation like this and that is, bed bugs are much easier to locate. They can’t delve into cracks or crevices like they can with the mattress or box spring. They’ll essentially be lying on top of the sheets. Washing the sheets in hot water should be sufficient to eradicate the bugs, eggs, and larvae. You can also dry the sheet on the highest heat setting if you feel like you must go the extra mile. Either way, heat is one of the best eliminators of bed bugs.

Rugs And Carpets 

Rugs and carpets don’t offer much coverage, but they do offer just enough for the bed bug to feel safe. It also doesn’t hurt that these materials are usually installed in the bedroom. Vacuuming them and then disposing of the bag in a sealed container should be an effective means of removal.

Couches And Furniture

How many times have you heard about someone buying a used couch, only to later discover that it was eaten up with bed bugs? Probably more times than you’d like to admit and, unfortunately, this is becoming a more and more common occurrence. This is because couches and bedroom furniture provide hundreds of potential hiding locations. Just think about all the spots. Under the armrests, under the feet, in the padding, and the list goes on.


More and more people are bringing bed bugs back to their homes from vacation resorts. And this is because bed bugs have become adept hitchhikers over the years. These creepy crawlers will latch onto your luggage and ride the pieces right back to the home, where they’ll take up permanent residence. Make sure you scour your luggage and clothes before bringing them back into the home.

Wall Decorations

You even must be careful about buying used wall decorations and ornaments these days because these pieces can also create the perfect living environment for bed bugs. Dark, secure, and close to their food source, that’s all the bed bug really looks for in a suitable hiding location.


Unfortunately, bed bugs can ruin some of the all-time great classics. There would be nothing more terrifying than sitting down and looking forward to enjoying a few good pages, only to have bed bugs jump out at you. However, in all actuality, these pests are more prone to hide in the spines and front covers rather than between the pages. Make sure you check these areas when trying to confirm an infestation.


Nightstands are like other pieces of furniture. They are dark, secure, offer hundreds of other hiding locations, and are usually installed in the bedroom. You’ll want to scour every inch and every corner with a vacuum cleaner to remove bugs from these pieces.


Every home today contains multiple electronics. Video gaming systems, computers, laptops, DVD players, and the list goes on. Even the traditional clock can offer the perfect environmental conditions for the bed bug. It is the circuit boards and electrical components that produce heat that attract the bed bugs. What makes matters even worse in these situations is, there is always the potential for electrical shorts. It would be a shame if one of these bugs got into your new computer and destroyed it. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility in an infested home.

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