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In Petersburg VA, bedbugs are common household pests. The bedbug is an ectoparasite that thrives by consuming human blood. As you’ve likely guessed, it prefers hiding in beds. Its favorite hidings places are mattresses and box springs. Hiding here allows the bedbugs to quickly access human blood in the middle of the night. At only 3/16th of an inch, bedbugs are difficult to spot. If you suspect you have bedbugs, call our office. One of our skilled technicians will help you find out.

How Do Bedbugs Get Inside?

Remember that bedbugs want to suck your blood. Therefore, they’re going to do everything they can to sneak into your home. The cause of an infestation isn’t a mystery. However, it is vital to understand that bedbugs can enter a home using numerous techniques. Most infestations begin after someone stays at the wrong motel. If the hotel room has bedbugs, the bugs will climb into your luggage and hide with your clothes. You can take steps to prevent this from happening, but it still might. Next, people often get bedbug infestations because they purchase used clothes and furniture. Bedbugs can cling to chairs, couches, and other pieces of furniture. If you don’t spot it soon enough, you’ll end up taking them home with you.

It is essential to be careful when purchasing used items. Otherwise, you might cause your home to become infested. Finally, bedbugs can sometimes crawl from one structure to another.

Bedbugs Won’t Make You Sick

The good news is that bedbugs aren’t going to hurt you. They can bite and suck blood, but they’re not going to transmit illnesses. However, they could create health problems in the long run. If you don’t take care of the problem, you’re going to lose more sleep. Once this happens, your immune system will stop operating at its peak. Then, they’ll be more likely to get ill.

Ways To Eliminate Bedbugs

There are numerous ways to eliminate bedbugs, but some techniques are better than others. Our technicians are eager to begin helping you. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, we’ll send a qualified expert to your home. They will inspect your dwelling and find out where the bugs are hiding. Then, they’ll help you determine which method is going to be right for you. Below, you’ll find out more about the bedbug extermination services we offer.

Manual Services

We offer highly reliable manual bedbug elimination services. It is best for eliminating bedbugs in one or two rooms in your home. Although our manual services are effective and affordable, they’re less convenient than the others. The preparation requirements are immense. You’ll need to complete the list before we can start. When you pick our manual services, you can choose to use chemicals or not.

Heat Treatments

Our bedbug heat treatments are likely one of our most popular treatment options. The technique can quickly eliminate all bedbugs in a dwelling. When used effectively, it will eradicate bedbugs, baby bedbugs, and bedbug eggs. Nothing will be able to survive. Usually, it only requires one visit. Another perk is the fact that you won’t need to complete a bunch of preparations before we arrive. We generally try to avoid using chemicals with our heat treatments. However, we may add Diatomaceous Earth to the equation.

It is a natural substance that can eliminate bedbugs as well.


Our technician can eliminate the bedbugs in your structure using fumigation. Although it can be effective for residential applications, it is best for removing bedbugs from commercial structures. Fumigation is powerful enough to wipe out large infestations in big commercial buildings. Although you won’t need to prepare, you will have to leave the building for a day or two. Our fumigation treatments use Sulfuryl Fluoride or Vikane to eliminate bedbugs in residential and commercial buildings.

Doing It Without An Exterminator

You may contemplate fixing the problem without hiring a professional exterminator. Although it is possible, it won’t be easy. You may waste a lot of money experimenting with various DIY products. Plus, you cannot ignore the risks associated with over-the-counter pesticides. When used incorrectly, these products can be incredibly dangerous. We highly recommend working with a qualified professional in Petersburg VA. Doing so is the best way to remain safe and protect the ones you love the most.

We’ll Keep You Safe

Working with us ensures that you’re going to be safe during each phase of the process. We strive to protect your clients every step of the day. We’ve worked hard on our protocols to ensure that our clients will be safe. We would never do anything or use any product that could potentially harm our clients. Our technicians receive extensive training to guarantee they’ll protect everyone involved. We only use EPA-registered products because they’re safe and reliable.

The Costs

Remember that we often offer standard pricing. When possible, the price will depend on the size of your home or office. Our technician will examine the property, take measurements, and give you a bid price. Once we’ve done that, you can decide whether you want to pay our price.

Stopping Bedbugs From Entering Your Home

Bed bugs are difficult to keep out. However, you can do it. Be cautious when buying used items and staying at motels. Call us when you suspect bedbugs have invaded your home.

We’re Ready To Help

Call our office. We’ll make sure our representative calls you back within 24 to 48 hours.

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