Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are beetles ranging in size from 1/32 of an inch to half an inch. They belong to the Coccinellidae family and are primarily red, orange, or scarlet. Ladybugs have a few small black dots on their wings. Their antennas, legs, and head are black. The North American continent is home to 450 native ladybug species, but there could be 5,000 species around the world. Although most species are harmless, a few are classified as pests in North America and Europe. Ladybugs are used in the Mall of America to eliminate aphids around the gardens.

Why Are Ladybugs In Your Home?

Ladybugs have been creating problems for Americans since the 20th century. The pest species were brought to the country around this time to eliminate aphids on farms. While the ladybugs were helpful for this purpose, they overstayed their welcome. Since they survived the cold winter months, the ladybug pest species quickly exploded. Now, they’re pests in our area and elsewhere in the United States.

Ladybug Dangers

Some pests are dangerous because they bite and inject venom. Others are dangerous because they spread illnesses. Thankfully, ladybugs will do neither. Despite not being dangerous, they will become a nuisance. Get rid of them or they’ll drive you insane.

Eliminating Ladybugs

If you’re not in a hurry to get rid of the ladybugs in your home, you can wait for them to leave. They tend to leave when the warm temperatures return. However, most people do not want to wait. If you fit into this category, call our office, and allow our professionals to eliminate them for you. Ladybugs do not create central nests so they’re incredibly difficult to eliminate. Our ladybug program has been perfected to deliver long-lasting, satisfactory results.

Removing Ladybugs With DIY Methods

Certain DIY techniques can indeed kill ladybugs. However, they’re likely not effective enough to eliminate the infestation. If they’re used incorrectly, they’ll be ineffective and potentially unsafe. Guarantee that you’re going to receive satisfactory results by teaming up with a qualified professional. Call us because we employ some of the best exterminators in the business.

When Can Someone Arrive?

Stop what you’re doing and call our office promptly. After you’ve done that, we’ll call you within 24 to 48 hours.

Are Your Ladybug Treatments Safe?

Yes. We would never use potentially dangerous chemicals in our clients’ homes. We only allow our experts to fix infestations using the latest EPA-registered products. Our technicians have been trained thoroughly to guarantee they know how to use these products reliably and safely. Put your mind at ease by picking us as your primary exterminator.

Preventing Invasions Of Ladybugs

Eliminating ladybugs is tough, so it is often easier to stop them from invading. Seal the outer walls of your home to ensure they do not enter this winter.

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