Carpenter Bees

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The carpenter bee is a large bee that can grow up to an inch and a half in length. Although females and males look alike, they have different colors. Male carpenter bees are orange and black while females are black. They’re different than bumblebees because they do not have fuzzy abdomens.

Carpenter Bee Causes

As the name implies, carpenter bees are attracted to wood surfaces. They are attracted to softwoods that haven’t been stained or painted. They’ll tear holes through the wood and use the holes to care for their babies. The wood is not eaten. Typically, their nests are built around decks, porches, siding, and other softwood surfaces. A pair of breeding carpenter bees will return to the same nest for multiple years.

Carpenter Bee Dangers

Carpenter bees can indeed sting people and pets. Female carpenter bees can sting, but they’re docile and prefer staying away from people. As for male carpenter bees, they’re aggressive but unable to sting. A carpenter bee’s venom can lead to an allergic reaction. Carpenter bee larvae will attract woodpeckers. Unfortunately, woodpeckers can destroy your home before you know it.

Removing Carpenter Bees

Get rid of the carpenter bees around your home as quickly as possible. Although there could be other options, the best solution is to work with a qualified professional. Our technicians are here to help. Call us and we’ll remove the carpenter bees from your property and property right away.

Eliminating Carpenter Bees With DIY Techniques

We can help you eliminate carpenter bees precisely and swiftly. You can try using DIY methods, but we recommend hiring a professional. DIY techniques are too risky and inconsistent.

The Safest Carpenter Bee Treatments

We believe we offer the safest carpenter bee treatments. Besides using EPA-registered products, our technicians are trained to the fullest. Work with us so you can sleep soundly knowing everyone in your home will be okay.

Preventing Carpenter Bee Infestations

It won’t be easy to keep carpenter bees away from your home. If your property offers suitable nesting conditions, they’ll come and build nests there. Properly paint or stain all softwoods around your home to keep these pests away. In addition to this, you can try switching to hardwoods. Carpenter bees are attracted to softwood products that are unprotected.

When Can You Begin?

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