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Professional Residential Pest Control Petersburg VA

The residents of Petersburg are constantly encountering pests in and around their properties. Stop where you are at, take a good long look at your surroundings. Say it out loud, what do you see? It is likely you detected at least one insect during the assessment. Insects are everywhere. They are in the garden, backyard, playground, park, forest, and campground. Insects are extremely difficult to ignore in and around your home as well.

Our residential pest control is specifically designed to target the following establishments:

What Is Residential Pest Control?

Residential pest control is exactly as its name entails. Our professional pest control for residential establishments is described by our community as top-notch. We believe in our services, which is why we back all our work with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

We initiate each case with a thorough visual inspection of the impacted residential property. What is the purpose of a pest inspection? It is a visual assessment of the impacted property. It allows our exterminators to determine if the property is infested with pests. The evidence collected during the inspection is applied to a custom treatment strategy.

What Pests Are Targeted By Residential Pest Control?

Our residential pest control specifically targets pests in various categories. These include household, pantry, and overwintering pests, as well as occasional invaders. We custom treatment strategies for the following insect species:

Do Household Pests Pose A Health Danger To Humans?

It really depends on the species. For example, the cockroach species poses health risks, such as salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli. The cockroach has also been linked to asthma in young children, living in infested homes. Fleas, on the other hand, pose health risks to animals. Fleas spread murine typhus, cat scratch fever, tapeworms, plague, and anaplasmosis.

Ladybugs, earwigs, and centipedes are nuisance pests, not human health risks. Flies and mosquitoes are also dangerous insect species, as both spread diseases to humans.

What Is The Most Effective Residential Pest Strategy?

Residential pest control is broken down into two categories – professional and do-it-yourself. Professional pest management utilizes adhesive traps, inspections, and industrial-strength pesticides. Do-it-yourself pest control utilizes over-the-counter adhesive traps standard-grade pesticides. The only inspection is the one conducted by the property owner.

When professional and do-it-yourself pest control are compared, there is really no comparison. Our professional pest control delivers maximum effects for mild to moderate to severe infestations. Do-it-yourself pest control is limited to mild infiltration, no infestation.

Is Residential Pest Control Services Cost-Efficient?

We believe it is possible to help Petersburg consumers save money on pest control services via custom strategies. We base each custom treatment on evidence collected during the pest inspection. This evidence includes the type of pest, number of pests, hiding places, and severity of infestation. All of this data is important because it can help our exterminators devise custom strategies, guaranteed to be affordable and effective.

Is Residential Pest Control Products Harmful To The Environment?

Our pest control product line consists of organic, natural, and chemical-based treatments, all of which are effective. Our natural and organic pest control products contain eco-friendly chemicals. Chemical pesticides do pose some risks to the environment. But when the manufacturer’s recommendations are taken into consideration, these risks are minimized or eliminated.

To learn more about our residential pest control services, we recommend reaching out to our Petersburg extermination team. Be sure to take advantage of our free inspection, consultation, and written quote services.

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