Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

If you are like most Americans, you probably spend thousands of dollars a year trying to secure your home. You’ve probably got all the latest security cameras, the most advanced doorbell monitors, and motion-activated lights on every corner. Despite all of this, you are likely still missing one crucial element. The mattress cover is this very important element.

How A Bed Bug Mattress Topper Works

A home without a bed bug mattress topper is like a home with its doors wide open during the night. If you haven’t been utilizing bed bug mattress toppers, you are just inviting problems. This is because bed bug mattress toppers not only kill existing bugs in the mattress, but they can prevent new ones from taking up residence there.

A bed bug mattress protector is a large, removable sheet of fabric that encases fully around your mattress. Think of a big Ziploc bag for your mattress. Each model wraps around your mattress, protecting it from external elements. It essentially eliminates the bug’s ability to leave the mattress, feed, and return. Studies show that without feeding, these pests will start to die off in as little as two weeks.

Choosing The Right Mattress Cover To Protect Your Home

If you do just a quick search of bed bug mattress covers, you’ll discover that these products are referred to by a variety of names. Some people might call them bed bug toppers, whereas we’ve been referring to them as mattress covers. Whatever the situation, you should know that everyone is essentially talking about the same product. Simply put, when choosing one of these products for your home, there will be no shortage of options. Therefore, it is best to be prepared to enter the endeavor with as much information as possible. Here are questions you’ll want to consider before choosing a specific design.

Does It Fully Encase?

A good quality bed bug mattress cover will fully encase your mattress. Leaving any part of the mattress uncovered means leaving it unprotected. However, getting past this step could be as simple as just making sure you match up the right sizes. If you have a twin-sized mattress, make sure you choose a twin-sized topper.

What Kind Of Seal Does It Offer?

The whole point of the bed bug mattress cover is to trap bugs inside the product while also preventing new ones from getting in. A design that doesn’t fully seal obviously isn’t going to be able to do this. Therefore, it is pertinent to choose one that properly seals. The best quality designs usually not only offer a sturdy zipper mechanism with reinforced seams but also offer a zipper seal. A zipper seal in an extra sealant material that goes around the zipper after it has been sealed in place.

Was It Fully Tested?

Plenty of things seem good in theory or look even better on paper. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll always succeed. And the bed bugs mattress cover is no different. Many of these products have failed and will likely fail again. You’ll only want to look for those products that have been tested, tested, and tested again. The best designs have usually been extensively tested under a variety of varying circumstances.

Was It Made With Toxins?

Chemicals have been used widely to kill bed bugs. While these products have proven effective, they are potentially lethal. This is especially true when utilized in confined conditions. You must remember, you’ll be using this product in the confines of your bedroom. Therefore, it is wise to consider everything when dealing with covers that contain toxins.

Do These Products Work?

There are a lot of varying opinions when it comes to the efficiency of mattress covers. Some people say they work while some say they aren’t effective. The truth of the matter is these products are effective. However, there are so many little things that can go wrong and render them ineffective. If they are installed incorrectly, if there are small rips, or if they don’t seal properly, the mattress cover will be ineffective.

Therefore, it is best to let a professional handle the installation. A professional will not only properly install your mattress covers, but they’ll help you choose the best ones for your home as well.

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