Best Things To Do In Petersburg, VA

Planning a vacation can be really exciting. There is nothing like sitting down with the kids or loved ones and debating about all the exciting things that you can do. That being said, the whole situation gets even all that much more exciting when you are choosing a destination like Petersburg. The area is rich in history and natural tradition. However, do not be fooled by this because the locals are more than open and receptive. They’ll welcome you right in with open arms. Unfortunately, the only bad thing about visiting the area is that you won’t likely have time to see everything. Take the time that you do have to see only the best. Bed Bug Exterminator Petersburg

National Civil War Museum

Petersburg plays a huge role in the Civil War. Many would say that the state served as a turning point for the war. Whatever the situation is, there is no way that you will be able to visit Petersburg without hearing the entire story. This is why it is best to start your adventures at the 25,000 square-feet museum. There are tons of exhibits detailing the history that Petersburg played during the war. There are even some interactive exhibits that you can take full advantage of.

Centre Hill Mansion

What could be the most stately house in Petersburg? This would be the Centre Hill Mansion. The has was built way back in the 1820s by Robert Bolling IV. At the time of the construction, he was a captain of a militia unit during the Revolutionary War. However, it was through his tobacco operations that he amassed great wealth and fortune. The mansion was eventually passed down to his son, who turned it into a Greek Revival style home. In 1901 the house yet again went further restoration. Come see it today in all its glory.

Historic Farmers Bank

Most banks do what they do and lend money, but there really aren’t many that can say they have loaned money to the United States government. Well, Historic Farmers Bank is one of the ones that can say they have, as they did in 1812. The loan went to finance the war with England where America later one its independence. You can already see the historical value that this bank holds in Petersburg. Heck, it holds great historical value for the entire nation. You can come and see it today in its third iteration. It is three stories with a kitchen and even uses the original foundation.


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