Why You Need To Check Out Petersburg VA

There is nothing like getting the family together and heading out for a week-long vacation. Maybe you plan on hitting the mountains and trails. Maybe you are going to relax on the sand in the sun. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that a vacation is a great thing. A time to ease the mind and let those troubles soak away. That being said, choosing a travel destination isn’t always the easiest thing. There is especially true when you are choosing a country like the United States that has just so much to offer. If you want a destination that has it all just check out Petersburg, VA. Bed Bug Exterminator Petersburg

Pamplin Historical Park

Pamplin Park is one place that you have to check out during your visit to the area. This park was specifically preserved due to its historic value. On the land, there are some fortifications that were constructed by the troops of General Robert Lee. This is the exact property where Petersburg was seized by the Union Troops. This is a 424-acre campus that welcomes visitors and tourists alike.

Blandford Church And Cemetery

How would you like to check out the oldest structure in Petersburg? That is exactly what you will be doing when you check out the Blandford Church and Cemetery. This area rests on the top of Well’s Hill where it was originally constructed in 1736. This is a site that also holds a lot of historic value, as it served as a telegraph station during the Civil War. Unfortunately, it was later abandoned by the congregation in 1806. The restoration of the site began in 1880 and it then grew beautifully into what it is today. The site was restored in the memory of 30,000 confederate soldiers who were buried at the Blandford Cemetery.

Petersburg National Battlefield Park

When you choose to visit the National Battlefield Park, you will just be one of the 140,000 that visit every year. However, once you are gone and have time to reflect, you will see why so many people visit the area each year. The site is host to remnants of the Siege of Petersburg. In fact, the remnants can still be seen today. The park is divided into 4 different areas, which consist of the Eastern Forks Visitor’s Center, Five Forks Battlefield, Poplar Grove National Cemetery, and City Point Unit.


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